The rules that govern us on track.

 Registered participants will receive an extra 3 point for attending an event even if no position was claimed.

Event Layout:

  • Dyno – Used to determine which class a participant will fall into.
  • 200m – Quickest time takes first place and slowest last.
  • 400m – Quickest time takes first place and slowest last.
  • 1000m – Highest speed takes first place and lowest last.- not used in 2017
  • Gymkhana – Quickest time takes first place and slowest last.
  • Track – Quickest best lap takes first and slowest best lap takes last.
  • Rally – Quickest time takes first place and slowest last.

  • Track Timing/ Capturing:

  • Dyno: Power will be captured while participant is doing run.
  • 200m: Time sheets will be provided.
  • 400m: Time sheets will be provided.
  • 1000m: Speed sheets will be provided.
  • Gymkhana: Timing sheets will provide times.
  • Track: Timing sheets will provide times.
  • Rally: Timing sheets will provide times

  • Classes are determined through power, a 10% penalty on total points will be applied for moving classes after the second event. Classes will be recalculated after a move to factor in participants results. Should the move be from a faster class the results will be reduced to comply with a average figure. Should the move be from a lower class the results will be carried over to the higher class.

    • Points are accumulated over the 8 events, best 3 drivers in each class qualifies for trophies at the end of the series should the driver participated in at least 3 of the 7 events.
      - See Scoring guide section for more detail
      - Prizes might be given at each event should a sponsor wish to do so.
      - Prizes might be given at the end of the year should a sponsor wish to do so.
      - Prizes given may not be exchanged for cash.
      - Special award trophies might be given at the end of the series.
    • Respect and courtesy will be given to all other track users by all participants at all times –remember that we are representing the club and need to uphold its name. Please adhere to proper track driving conduct for the specified event.
    • All participants are to obey any and all rules of the track for the specified event.
    • Drivers will be briefed before or on the day of the event regarding the regulations of the championship for the specified event.
    • Results will become final 1 day (24hours) after posting. Results for the event will be posted within 2 days of the specified event.
    • Driver to drive the same vehicle through the entire series, failing to do so will results in only spectating points awarded.
      - Unless the vehicle is traded for a new one under the circumstances the driver owns the new vehicle - comittee to be notified. This change will be permanent and class recalculations will take place where needed(penalty applies after the second event).
      - No borrowing another vehicle for the purpose of racing if the current one has a mechanical fault, unless as per point above.
    • All drivers are to drive their OWN vehicles at events, under no circumstances are drivers allowed to share or allow other drivers to utilize their car for any event of any sorts. Drivers found guilty of this will be penalized accordingly
      - First time offenders will receive lowest score of the day as result
      - Second time offenders will be disqualified from the event with 0 points allocated for the event
      - The above are excluded for participants using the same vehicle during the championship, arrangements must be made to assure scoring is done separately
    • Drivers who paid entry fee and did not cancel the entry 2 days prior to the event will forfeit the entry fee.
    • Should the driver fail to finish the event - not meet the minimum amount of runs/courses  required on the day a DNF(did not finish) will be allocated and participant will receive 0 points for the event.
    • Should there be any delay whatsoever regarding release of the results all participants will be notified immediately.
    • The Organisers reserve the right to postpone, abandon or cancel the event or any part thereof. Proper reasoning will be given to the participant in the event of a cancellation, abandonment or postponement.
      - Should the event be cancelled on the day after arrival, drivers will receive a 7 point allocation with a DNF as result.
      - Should an event be cancelled before the day and not postponed all drivers will receive 0 points for the event
      - No Race fee needs to be paid for spectating point except entry fee to track where appropriate
    • It is a condition of entry that in addition, competing vehicles shall also display the advertising, if any, as stipulated in the Cup Challenge. Regulations and Specifications for the category / class for which the vehicle is entered.
    • Vehicle branding of any other tyre manufacturer other than Michelin will be covered during the duration of the event.
    • Video and still camera footage will be taken throughout the Cup Challenge and this will be coordinated by the club’s official photographers. Participants are more than welcome to take their own video and still camera footage, provided it does not interfere with the running of the event.
    • The organisers/officials will make use of track timing where available. Track timing will be an extra charge at some events. Where no timing equipment is available the officials will make use of stopwatches or any other timing equipment at their disposal. All participants will be timed using the same methodology and equipment.

    • The participant agrees to indemnify, hold harmless the RS Club of South Africa, Audi Club of South Africa, Sobaru Owners CLub of Suuth Africa or Michelin Cup and its officers, sponsors and representatives from and against the following damages, losses and liabilities arising from or as a result of the negligence or fault of the participant.
    • Any liability to claims by governmental authorities or others for non-­compliance by the participant with any Act of Parliament, law, ordinance, regulation or by law made by a lawful authority.
    • Any liability arising from claims with regards to the death of, or injury to the participant or the death of, or injury to third parties due to the participant’s negligence.
    • Any liability arising from any loss of, or damage to property out of intentional or negligent acts of the participant.