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Posted 11 November 2015 - MCC Season Over

What a year of phenomenal racing from all our competitors! Big hearts, great commitment left the fans with great spectator value! We would like to thank each and every fan, friend, family member, driver and organiser for their endless efforts in making this a success!

We look forward to an even bigger and better 2016 season!

NA Class
1. Marco Van Der Schyff
2. Shantell Van Der Schyff
3. Peter Wills

T1 Class
1. Johan Davel
2. Wayne le Roux
3. Jeandre le Roux

T2 Class
1. Hannes Pienaar
2. Nasmee'a Christian
3. Michael Ritchie-Robinson

T3 Class
1. Fanie Olivier
2. Dwayne Van Loggenberg
3. Qhivi Tiva

TO Class
1. Carl Van As
2. Anton Wannenburg
3. Schalk van der Merwe

2015 Overall Winners
1. Anton Wannenburg
2. Carl Van As
3. Marco Van Der Schyff
4. Fanie Olivier
5. Johan Davel

Best Newcomer Driver of 2015 - Fanie Olivier

Most Dedicated Driver 2015 -Nasmee'a Christian

Most improved Driver 2015 - Peter Wills

Renault Driver of the year 2015 - Wayne le Roux

Audi Driver of the year 2015 - Fanie Olivier

Sportsmanship “Mr Serious” of the year 2015 - Anton Wannenburg

Most Spectacular drivers 2015 - Carl Van As & Anton Wannenburg

Most helpful driver 2015 Carl van As



Posted 18 May 2015 - MCC Press Release Round 3

Round three of the 2015 Michelin Cup Challenge calendar at Zwartkops Raceway had a later than our normal morning start due to the relaxed Sunday morning nature. This soon changed as the 2.5km long track is known to have a darker side to its “easy appearance”. A total of 41 cars made it to the track with a jam packed pit filled with spectators!

As per normal the day started with a jokingly yet serious drivers briefing where everyone was ready after a week’s preparation to finally take to the track. Soon after cars were lined up in the pits, camera’s rolling and hitting the track one by one.

The very first session of the day claimed its victims by taking four cars down and had to be restarted three times. Fortunately this did not dampen the day, the four cars went back to the pits where some of them could be restored with help from their fellow racers and then went out again to get that ultimate lap in!

Yet again the top three from round two continued their top performance claiming the top three at Zwartkops. Carl van As kept the blistering pace in his Black Subaru on the newly resurfaced Zwartkops setting a fastest time of 1:10.980. Anton Wannenburg taking a close second with a mere 0.125 sec difference. Sean Nurse in his Renault Megane completed his lap in 1:14.694 taking a well-deserved third place.

All the drivers braving on, completed the day and gathered some well-deserved points as the championship class standings started to take shape!

Due to the nature of the day and partnering with Zwartkops Supertrax no prize giving was held, prizes will be awarded at the start of the next round when we take to the 1000m strip at ODI Raceway!

Yet another great big thank you to the people who made the day possible! Our Michelin Operational Marketing Manager, Preshantan Pillay and Michelin’s Communications Assistant Nanini Mshayisa. A very special thank you to Michelin’s Marketing Director, Luc Fayolle, Michelin’s Commercial Product Manager for Passenger Tyre, Grant Myers and Michelin’s Key Account Manager Willem Conradie for taking some time out his normal “Sunday Schedule” and spending the day with us. “Cuzzen” Mark van Tonder for assisting in running the day and getting the guys safely on and off the track. Zwartkops and all the staff for being absolutely great hosts and then finally but not least all the men and women from Audi and RS Club for their hard work on and off the day!

See you at ODI Raceway on the 21st of June 2015 where we will be rolling up the strip!

The Results…


Posted 15 April 2015 - MCC Press Release Round 2

The competitors were determined to bring their “A-game” to the track at the much anticipated round two of the 2015 Michelin Cup Challenge at Vereeniging Karting Track (VKC). The day was a great success with everyone up and on route early in the morning even though everyone wondered how it would turn out as heavy rain was expected during the day.

The day started off with a drivers briefing by the event organisers explaining how the day will run ...within the different classes. The day was split into two sessions, clock wise for the morning and anti-clock wise for the afternoon. Best lap of the morning combined with the best lap of the afternoon would give the overall best times.

A few mishaps with transponders not working during the first session which were soon rectified, then the guys went all out pushing their limits as well as those of their cars. Some even went back to their rally routes taking on the grass patches of the track to get that ultimate lap in! The cold weather and slippery track didn’t stop most competitors to better their times from last year making it for close racing and great spectating! Finishing Times were uploaded to Race Monitor, an app the competitors could download onto their smart phones. This meant that they could see each other’s times as the sessions proceeded and this as a result created a very competitive atmosphere!

Carl van As dominated the morning session with a fastest lap of 56.384 in his black Subaru WRX STI with Anton Wannenburg a mere 0.014 sec off the pace. Carl took a comfortable 1.681 sec lead over Anton, improving his time to complete a super lap in 56.076sec in the afternoon session. The final runs were completed seconds before a massive sandstorm and rain poured leaving all the competitors thankful for an excellent day of racing and calling it quits.

Prize giving was all chirpy and fun having everyone reflecting back on the exhilarating action that took place on the track earlier. Not even load shedding could dampen the mood!

A big thank you to the people who made the day possible: Michelin’s Marketing Manager, Preshantan Pillay and Michelin’s Communications Assistant, Nanini Mshayisa. Patsy Roos and Brett Spiers from VKC for being absolutely great hosts and then last but not least, all the men and women from Audi and RS Club for their hard work on and off the track.

We will take this great atmosphere into the third round at Zwartkops, 17 May 2015! See you there!

Round 2 overall event winners from left to right: Anton Wannenburg (2nd place); Carl Van As (1st place) and Sean Nurse (3rd place)

Round 2 2015 Trophies - sponsored by DDK Auto & Performance


Posted 15 April 2015 - MCC Press Release Round 1

Michelin Cup Challenge first event: Dyno Day

The first MCC event was held at Dastek Dyno in Pretoria on the 14th of March. The organising committees from both Renault Sport & Audi Clubs SA decided to change the format for the dyno event this year. They decided to use the competitors dyno power runs for both scoring towards the overall event and determining class classification. This new format will make for more competitive and exciting racing.

The day started off with a Drivers Briefing by the event organisers. The organisation of the event was of the highest standards with both committees working effectively together for the first time co-hosting the MCC series. The atmosphere was brilliant and it was evident from the beginning that there was inter-club rivalry in anticipation of the dyno power runs ahead.

The event was a huge success with a total of 57 vehicles doing power runs on the day. 42 of the 57 vehicles were MCC competitors and 15 were club members from various car clubs who attended in support of the event.

We would like extend a huge thank you to Preshantan Pillay Operations Marketing Manager B2C & Nanini Mshayisa Communications Assistant from Michelin SA for their uncompromising support of the MCC series ensuring that all competitor welcome packs were ordered and were ready for the first event.

We would also like to thank Pieter de Weerdt the owner of Dastek for providing the MCC with the use of his facilities and his team. Albert, Cornel, Kagiso and Zacharia who set up each competitors vehicle for its power run. Dastek provided three different rollers on the day catering for FWD, RWD and AWD vehicles.

A special thank you to all the MCC competitors, the Renault Sport Club SA , Audi Club SA members, family and friends who came out in huge numbers to support the inaugural event. Without their support the MCC series would not be possible.

Dyno Results

Congratulations to Philip Opperman our dyno day overall winner in his 569BHP Audi RS3.


Posted 12 January 2015 -
Still known as the Renault Sports Club Championship in 2014, the year was ended on a high and we are looking in carrying that energy over to the 2015 season welcoming the Audi Club on-board.

Michelin has brought bigger and better prizes for the 2015 season which will make racing all that more rewarding! We are also looking forward to working with our great sponsors as listed on the home page!

Overall Winners
1. Marco Van Der Schyff

2. Michael Ritchie-Robinson

3. Carl van As

4. Nick Vergitsis
5. Jacques Day

We wish all our competitors in the 2015 season good luck and a great year of fun filled racing!