Which Class fits you.

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Drivers are split into different classes based on power to weight levels determined through the first dyno event.
Classes will no longer be split by vehicle or engine type. Calculation: (Power + (Torque/2))/(Weight × 1000)

Ladies: Sub 181wkw/t
Class A: >75wkw/t
Class B: 76 – 90wkw/t
Class C: 91 – 115wkw/t
Class D: 116 – 140wkw/t
Class E: 141 – 180wkw/t
Open Class: ‎181+wkw/t
Race Class: ‎Full cage, Power cut-off and harnesses. Limited to 10 cars

Should the power be different from registration phase to the dyno event, the participant will be moved to the appropriate class without any penalties.

Should the vehicle undergo any modification which might impact the power of the vehicle the participant will need to notify the committee of this to move the participant to a new class. Participant may be required to provide a dyno sheet.

Class recalculation/move will result in penalty points being deducted - 10% of the total points will be deducted for each move after the second event.

Weight, fuel and tyre types are not monitored for the classes.