Our Race Calendar

Each driver will be responsible for paying their entry fees at the allocated event.

Prices subject to change as these prices are based on the 2017 fee schedule.

2019 Dates:
December 2017 - Registrations

 26 January -  Dyno
 23 February - R1 Tar Rally Zwartkops
 30 March - R2 400m
 4 May - R3 VKC
 May - R4 Midvaal Raceway
23 June - R5 Skidpan
 7 July - R6 Zwartkops
September - R7 Head 2 Head
October – Year End Prize Giving

Costing Estimates:
Dyno: Members - R300 4wd, R300 rwd/fwd. Non members - R350 4wd, R350 rwd/fwd.
400m: R350
VKC - R400
Zwatkops: R700 incl timing
Red Star: R700 incl timing
Skidpan: R360
Tar Rally: R250
Head 2 Head: R350